If you’re looking for a body to body massage or other types of massage, do not miss our post. Here we tell you all you need to know about this massages. So when it comes to visiting these places you will enjoy this unique experience to the fullest.

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What is a body to body massage? 9

What is a body to body massage?

The body to body massage, also called body massage, is a massage that completes the panel of B2B massage proposed in the centers and massage parlors of East and West. This B2B massage is by no means a recent invention.

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What is a body to body massage? 10

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Body to body massage: practice and indications
The body to body massage is practiced in a perfumed room, with a sifted light. A soft and sensual music invades the atmosphere of the room throughout the session.
the masseuse uses his/her body to massage you.. there will be thin film of oil between both the bodies.. depending on the client needs, the pressure varies.. Trust me , the experience and blissful.. it gives you best experience..

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